Printer Toner Cartridges Overview

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Printer toner cartridges for laser printers are certainly the most expensive options associated with high quality laser productions. Many laser systems are using four colours of toner with every colour designated inside a cartridge for comfort to use and good functionality. There are also laser printers that use only one colour and are called – monochrome printers. Laser printers function in the same way as copy machines, where a laser beam is to create an electrical charge on a drum that is passed through a toner colour. The colour that is picked up is then rolled onto paper creating heat set colour applications. Laser productions are well-known for their high quality and slick appearance free from the more porous look of inkjet printing.

Laser printers are expensive compared to the typical inkjet printer used mostly at home or small offices. A number of laser systems can be purchased that easily print hundrends of copies of paper within a few minutes at the same time providing beautiful clarity of colour. These machines can also reproduce beautiful graphics and photos with a better image than the typical inkjet system does because of the high resolutions that are available in different units. Many small firms, schools and organizations buy laser printers that include four colour toner cartridges so that they can create their own paper products such as flyers, brochures and programs. Many printers work approximately 5 years with some lasting much longer if they are serviced carefully.

Since printers can be pretty expensive depending on required specifications, it is known that over the span of a normal equipment usage of 5 years, toner replacements will result in costing much more than the original piece of equipment. For this reason some companies, that have no need for full color features, purchase monochrome printers that have only one printer toner for their most basic printing jobs. Simple business cards, letterheads, brochures, mailers and more business paper products can be successfully printed in a single color if properly designed. Monochrome printers are doubtless a money saving alternative to equipment that needs four color units. Monochrome systems are hovering around $600 in price with variations for discount and refurbished models.

Full color printers can cost you $2,000 or more depending on the features that are required and what type of use the model will experiance. For intensive usage larger companies can expect to pay approximatelly several thousand for a full-featured laser system that uses four color toner cartridges. High quality models have usually been the exclusive use of large corporations and businesses that can afford the high priced unit and expensive replacement accessories such as printer toner units and drums. Recently, manufacturers have created more reasonable priced printers that can offer advanced features, high quality printing and user friendly software. Individual consumers, small companies and others are financially able to enjoy the quality of laser printed products offered by cheaper models.

The spare parts are still expensive for any printer, and many consumers are looking for that how to save money on the necessary accessories. There are several options how to purchase not that expensive printer toner replacements through generic products, remanufactured print toners and a refill kit. Rather than purchase a printer toner through the original manufacturer, you can check it out in other companies which offer toners accessories even though they are not original. Remanufactured replacements for toners, that have been emptied, can be bought, refilled and reprocessed to insure quality colour. These are much cheaper than retail priced replacements. And a refill kit offers to option of refilling toners up to three times before they will need to be totally replaced with new ones.

There are other ways of saving money on production projects. For example – through using a different toner for draft purposes than for the final production. It can be surprising how much one can save by simply saving the best printer toner cartridges for the final production on any printing project. When purchasing lasers printers most specs will clarify how many cents each paper production will cost as it goes through the color process. This certainly implies there is a significant price associated with each print job so saving money on something as simple as the early print drafts through the right printer toner can be very helpful to your budget.

And of course money can be saved by carefully shopping around and comparing prices from company to company. Comparative shopping can make some real savings especially when discount stores are involved. Moreover remember that replacements are generally cheaper when purchased in bulk. Allowing for a larger budget in regards to replacements can save money when they are purchased only a few times a year in bulk rather than very often in separate lots. Always deal with a quality company that provides a money back guarantee for their products because toner cartridges can be significantly expensive for home or business office.